Ultralife Healthcare Limited is a UK based health and lifestyle products company. Our relation with them started when they approached us to reskin their e-commerce storefront which we had accomplished to their satisfaction. A few years later, they wanted us to perform a few minor customisations which led to bigger challenges.


During the customisation process we encountered some serious bugs with respect to third-party module integrations. We also noticed a few flaws in the code quality and elements related to user experience while using the web-site. Over discussions we came to know that those could be the result of work done by previous providers who were now unavailable. Hence what we had with us was some broken third-party code and unknown number of hidden usability issues.


  • Fix issues with third-party VAT computation module.
  • Fix issues with loyalty points redemption module.
  • Paypal checkout page integration.
  • Back-porting of SEO friendly URLs feature from OFBiz 11.04 into a legacy Opentaps deployment.
  • Customised alerts for inventory reaching min stock levels or nearing expiry date.

    Our approach

    We first prioritized the revenue affecting bloopers, identified the exact bugs, developed test scenarios covering them, and fixed the same at a speed that amazed our client. Our work was done and over, or so we thought. As per our unrelenting commitment towards quality, one of our developers, highlighted several usability issues that he had observed while traversing the code and navigating the web-site during his work.

    We took this opportunity to short-list all of these issues and bring it to the notice of our client who promptly acknowledged the presence of the same and gave us the consent to address and fix each of them as per the allocated priority. Without further adieu all the usability issues were resolved and the site up and running with prim performance.


    The third-party module integrations were now working without any hitch. The site had an improved code base that was more maintainable for future developers. The e-commerce usability issues were taken care of and we had one more satisfied and happy customer.

    We would also like to think that we were aptly rewarded for our commitment and efforts over the years with the latest opportunity to once again reskin their entire website to give it a new look and feel in keeping with the current times. The same was achieved in record time and to their complete satisfaction.

    Excellent Teamwork , I am very happy with the quality of work. The best part working with this contractor was that team provided me progress updates on time to time. I would like to give future projects to this contractor if required. Strongly recommended.

    Naeem Jamil, Ultralife Healthcare Limited, UK