Pinnacle Honda, a Chandrani Group company, is Kolkata’s fully integrated and No.1 Dealership for Honda Cars for whom customer service is paramount. Intelliant came into the picture when they were about mid-way of readying their over 1,00,000 square feet of dedicated space catering to Honda Car Sales, Service and Spares needs. Their approach to customer service was passionate and unique and so was our zeal to provide them with a solution to meet theirs.


       We still clearly recall the first day when we met the Managing Director, Mr. Vinayak Nayar. He was in search of a CRM solution that would enable him to provide exceptional service experience to his clients for his forthcoming automobile venture. During the initial discussions, there was mention of placing orders to a hardware major for some 50+ workstations. Our enquisitive consultant ‘tentacles’ latched on to the wavelength and probed further about what exactly was their plan and at what stage were they in deploying their infrastructure. And Mr. Nayar, shared his vision and his action plan.


  • Deploy a CRM solution that should be integrated with their phone lines, so that the [CSEs]{Customer Service Executives} could address their existing clientelle with a warm and personal greeting.
  • Evaluate the software licensing needs and ensure that they were 100% compliant.
  • Ensure complete data security and prevent all forms of data espionage.
  • Deploy an infrastructure that would be scalable and grow with their organisation’s needs.
  • An enterprise email service.
  • Ensure minimal downtime and zero data-loss in case of any unforeseen eventuality.

    Our approach

           After carefully studying all their requirements via our iaConsult service, we short-listed the bouquet of solutions that satisfied all the above needs –


    • Feature rich CRM solution.

    • Highly customisable to suit their business workflows.

    • Integration of CRM with the PBX to give a personalised customer experience.


    • Software PBX solution.

    • Completely configurable IVR and call flow.

    • Maximising the customer experience.


    • Thin client based end-user computing.

    • Shared computing power.

    • Failover cluster configuration.

    • Centralised data store.

    • Minimised power consumption.


    • A certified, tested and robust LANLocal Area Network

    • An enterprise grade firewall.

    • Controlled and moderated access to the internet.

    • Email server with anti-virus and anti-spam filters.

    • Secure mail access over web-based, desktop based rich-client as well as mobile email clients.

    • Centralised authentication for all the above services.

    • Thin client based end-user computing.

    • Shared computing power.

    • Failover cluster configuration.

    • Centralised data store.

    • Minimised power consumption.

           To ensure complete data integrity and recoverability, automated backups and real-time redundancy was configured.


    We had never deployed all the above at one go, ever before. However, we had the conviction and trust in our abilities and so did Mr. Nayar. We set forth with researching each bit, integrating it into the other and prepared the entire solution well in time for their use.

     The number of users have more than doubled in the last 5 years and so have their needs. The infrastucture has scaled and matched their needs. We have continued to reciprocate their faith reposed unto us by addressing their growing needs with our innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Details about the same qualify for another interseting [case study]. To this day, we take pride in stating that they have never lost a single byte of their precious enterprise data of any form.

     To our surprise, we came to know thereafter that we had done a first by deploying such an infrastructure for an automobile dealership.

    Working with Intelliant is a great experience. Right from the point of requirements collection to post-sales support, they have always given their 100%. We have been the envy of most of our peers and have been able to drive down our IT infrastructure costs even while using the latest and the best technologies thanks to Intelliant.

    Vinayak Nayar, Pinnacle Honda, India