Lost in the rat race?

Reclaim your agility. Join the ant army.


If transforming ideas into life enriching software is your passion, and mental dexterity, a strand of your DNA, be prepared for some amazing challenges ahead.

If you care dearly about your work quality, are a voracious and fearless learner, perfect your skills by practice, and are most eager to share what you learn, then you may just feel at home.


If you are looking for a 9 to 5 job, move on.

If you wanna embark on a journey of perennial technical and self exploration, dive in. 


If appearing “at work” means growth imperative, move on.

If the words “care“, “learn“, “practice” and “share” ring a recipe for growth, dive in.


If owning a task seems daunting, move on.

If being prepared for the next big technological wave is a challenge you are enthralled with, dive in.


If a respectable salary seems rewarding enough, move on.

If positive feedback feels like the real reward and gets your adrenaline rushing, dive in.

Application process


Let’s talk

We discuss and help understand if Intelliant is a good match for you. This could prove very crucial as a candid discussion at an early stage may just set the ball rolling in the right direction or help end the process long before a lot of time is wasted on either side.

Gather whatever information you can about us and be prepared with whatever queries you may have before the call.


Walk the talk

Don’t just tell us what you are good at, show us by doing it. If you are a developer, show us your code. If you are a designer, you may have to design a mock up.
If you are a system admin, you may have to put together a disaster management plan. Be it any post, we will have something for you to deliver from within the confines of your home.


The rendezvous

We bring you in and throw a series of assignments at you that shall challenge your neurons. You may meet various people and see the day’s workings that define life at Intelliant.
We help you determine if this is the right place for you to nurture yourself and your workplace. You may be surprised to see things that you hardly expected.


Break the suspense

The process is lengthy and could be taxing even though we try to make it as smooth as possible. We need to be doubly sure before we commit or we make you do so.
Hence we think that it is worth the wait while we decide and get back to you. If you think otherwise, you must move on..

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