Helpdesk tool built atop Kablink Vibe

Help desks are a basic necessity of almost all businesses today and more so of service oriented ones. Help desks not only cater to external customer requests but can play an important role internally as well. One such common example if the IT help-desk which plays a vital role in almost every organisation today. Many…


Time tracking and report generation

It provides for entering the time spent while performing any task. The time spent can be classified under various task types. The cumulative sum of the time spent will be listed with bifurcation in a Time Spent area. This time spent on the tasks in a folder or across a project can be viewed by…


Sales and Service Closure Loop

It is quite common for all of us to start something new but the real challenge is in seeing it through to completion. This can be party attributed to the human trait of procrastination and partly to the humdrum of the information overload age which we live in. The same holds good for several sales…


REST (JSON/XML) Order Import

Have several front-end product catalog hosting affiliates and partners for whom you fulfil the orders? Fulfilling orders by re-entering them in your back-end system? Aspire to become the nerve centre of e-commerce order processing?

This may just be the solution for you :



Offline sale of gift certificates

OFBiz e-commerce has a robust gift certificate sales and reimbursement feature which works out of the box. However, sale and fulfilment of git certificates was not possible via the offline orders module (in OFBiz or Opentaps CRMSFA). Our customised enhancement helps accomplish just that.