Intelliant Online Applications are subject to the restrictions described below. Any information about you which is obtained by Intelliant during the recruiting process may be retained by Intelliant for purposes of considering your qualifications for employment, and also for other general management and research purposes. This information may include a limited amount of information of a sensitive nature: information about your racial or ethnic origin, health and/or criminal record. Intelliant may send your information to a jurisdiction other than the one in which you live or have applied for employment. This may include a department or office located anywhere in the world where Intelliant global organization does business from time to time. If Intelliant does not employ you, this information will be retained for a reasonable time, long enough to allow you access to the information on which the employment decision was based.

Intelliant may nevertheless retain and use this information to reconsider your qualifications later if a suitable position becomes available and, if appropriate, refer back to this if you submit a resume or other information to Intelliant again in the future, and also for other general management and research purposes.

The ways in which Intelliant collects and uses personal data, and your rights to request access to and correction of your personal data, are regulated by Intelliant Online Privacy Policy in accordance with applicable law. A copy of this Policy is available on Intelliant website by clicking the link at the bottom of every page. You can request a copy of the Policy by contacting Intelliant’s Privacy Officer at the Head-office. By submitting your information, you acknowledge that all representations made by you are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief, and you have not knowingly omitted any relevant information of an adverse nature. You understand that any inaccurate information may disqualify you from employment before or after you are hired.

By submitting your information, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the foregoing and consent to the uses of your information as set out above.

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